Trip Fontaine are Dudenhofen´s most respected and influential acoustic punk quintet. Trip Fontaine is Sachsenhausen´s answer to Psychiatric Chic! Trip Fontaine invented themselves by accident a while ago and are a) very close, b) very shambolic (in a tight-as-rude-things sort of way, though), and c) very shouty. They are a ROCK BAND - yes - they are NOT urban. An iconic, five man strike force on twenty-first century apathy, undoubtedly. If you book them at your ethnic-soulful-funk fest they will scare the chickens and rape your ears. Be warned. Petite Müller, Louis Kahn and Gilbert Saar are Trip Fontaine (among others). And Trip Fontaine are your musical salvation darlings. Just like the original pop star himself, they come from the Holy Land, have killer charisma and are gonna take you down. In a beginning they were mainly inspired by dancemusic and their fantasies about huge clubs where nothing was forbidden. Fantasies because they were too young to be allowed into to most of the cool clubs. They were left with the radios weekly dancemusic-feature bootlegged to cassette-tapes. You could hear that in their 2002 promo. Yet somehow the music lifts the mundane teenage neuroses into something strangely grand, beautiful, and universal. A twelve-legged whirlwind of glitter-punk riffs and aviator shades. They have already amassed a rock'n'roll charge sheet to die for, but more crucially, they've given rock'n'roll a much needed shot in the arm without resorting to heroin chic or cosying up to the media. Trip Fontaine love to write promo sheets.

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